Saturday, 6 September 2014

Oh My Gosh!! I have done it again! Nearly a whole year between posts =/

The wonderful team at D-Lish have got me inspired again. So much so that I have done some major sorting so I can create whenever I the kitchen table =)

In August we had a cybercrop that was full of challenges in The Scrap Suite which provided us with some really fantastic challenges, and I got all four done.

Use a Selfie


Use monochromatic embellies

Scrap something non living and add triangles

Use stamps

All wonderfully fun to do! 
I was able to be simplistic in design or messy and textual if I chose =)

This weekend I have been playing too!

I have had this picture of my Mum and Nan (Mum's Mum) for a while now, it is rare to get a pic of either of them separately let alone together. 
I will never get a posed pic of the two of them but this has a story far better than a fancy posed portrait anyway.

I have a thing for Flair of late and D-Lish have plenty on offer that suit heaps of situations and scenes, this one is perfect for this LO!

This month's Just Add Paper kit from D-Lish was adorable, it was to be my first JAP kit!! And I was soooo lucky as it sold out sooooo quickly =D

To help inspire there is also the Pink Lemonade September Inspiration Board

Combining the JAP kit and the Inspiration Board I got my craft on... 

I really wanted to re-create the icing on the cupcakes, unfortunately I didn't make my colours strong enough but the texture is certainly there =D

Again another perfect Flair!!!

Looking forward to creating more often now that I have secured a pozzie, complete with drawers on wheels, in the dining room =)

Safe safe, 
Ree x