Friday, 25 November 2011

Introducing myself to the world of BLOGGING =/

Well this is what it is all about, a world of confusion and questions. "Am I doing this right?" "Will it be appealing to others?" ARGH!!! I have just decided to say "Here we go, give it your best". 

I should really start by saying I have not made the huge blooper of spelling "Peace's" incorrectly on my bi-line, this is fact my family's last name and this is one of our lil plays on our name. 

The photos below represent my lil den in its worst and best moments. Boy, I have spent some time in there (mostly cleaning LOL), especially of late. This lil room is MY place, my poor family have to put up with my many places eg. my/our bedroom, the diva den and my study space! I am always looking to create a more workable station, one that I will find my scissors easily or that lil embellie I just had....come to think of it my den is at its worst as I type, tomorrow's job... 

Thank you for taking the time to check the Diva Den out, it is just a work in progress; one that I hope I will get much pleasure out developing and sharing.Stay safeRee xxx 

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